Jealous of your Ex?

Jealous of your Ex?

If you are jealous of your ex it can really be a painful thing to deal with. Your ex doing better than you really does stink!Jealous of your Ex?

Don’t sit there and stew!  If you don’t try and fix the situation, then you’re going to have a lot more problems than just being jealous of your ex.  You’re jealous because you feel that they’ve moved on past your relationship and are living the “good life.”  They’ve got new friends, a new apartment, a new job, and a new lease on life, and you’ve been left in the dust; the bitter ex who can never get back what they think they’ve lost.

Get Real!

I tell it straight.  If you’ve been reading my dating advice, you already know I cut straight to the chase.  Do not idolize your ex or think that somehow their life is perfect while yours is in the gutter.  It’s probably not even close to the truth.  A lot of times when we break up, we get angry at ourselves and think that there was something more we could have done to keep the relationship together.  When our ex leaves and we’re jealous, it’s usually a result of those feelings.

Always remember, your ex could just be putting up a good front.  This is common right after a breakup.  I’ve seen it so many times before.  The ex puts up a brave front, when really, behind the scenes they are actually more hurt about the break up than the other partner.  They hide their pain by putting on a great smile when they leave for work in the morning.

Think about it, why are you seeing your ex so much?  Are you sure that all your chance run ins are just that, chance?  It’s possible that they are staging a lot of your little run ins.  I knew someone like that.  She was so broken up after the breakup that she put on a sexy red dress and found ways to see her ex boyfriend.  She knew he would be seeing friends at a movie theater, so she just happens to bring a date to the exact same theater.  She knew his habits, and always found ways to run into him.

In reality, she wanted the relationship to start back up again, and she felt if she looked better than she did before, she might win him back.  She wasn’t right, but later she found out that he wasn’t the guy for her in the end and she later found herself a great boyfriend after reading my advice articles.  When you’re jealous of your ex, just remember, the feeling might indeed be mutual.

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