Being jealous really does suck.  You’re jealous because you spend too much time thinking about others, and not enough time focusing on what makes you great.

Jealousy occurs when we don’t think much of ourselves, and we project that onto other people.  Most people think jealousy actually has to do with being inferior to someone, but it really doesn’t.  It’s all about what you think of yourself.  Have you ever noticed that confident people with high self-esteem do not have problems with jealousy?  It’s true.  it’s because they value themselves.  Curing jealousy means learning how to say, “I’m great!”

If you don’t know how to value yourself, then no one else is going to do it for you, but where to begin?  If you have low self-esteem, then it’s going to have to be built, brick by brick.  Start first by dressing yourself up.  Don’t look slovenly or wear old clothes anymore.  tart treating yourself to the latest styles and fashion.  If you’re a guy, then you might want to look at what the new professional look is, and take that on for yourself.

One way to take pride in yourself is to develop new hobbies and become successful at them.  Part of the reason you might have low self-esteem is because you do not recognize all of the special talents that you possess, but have yet to see fully blossom.  Take up a new sport or find some artistic hobby that will unlock your latent potential.  It will also open up new avenues to meet new people, which is critical when we’re feeling in a jealous mood.

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