Make Her Want You

Make Her Want You

Most men take a laid-back approach to dating and then they wonder why women never want them. It’s simple: If you want her, make her want you.¬†Women will fawn over you if you know what to do and how to behave. Let her get to know you and let that be enough for her to fall head over heels.

Confidence. You don’t need to be the bad boy, the gentleman or the fitness fanatic. You just need to be confident in who you are and what you have to offer as a partner.

Personality. You don’t need to be extroverted, introverted, shy, quiet, loud, outspoken, funny, serious or intelligent. You just need to be YOU. Sharing your personality and having opinions make you someone worth getting to know. Nothing is more annoying or frustrating than the guy who is flat. He isn’t seen as balanced. He’s seen as boring.

Dress to Impress. No designer brands necessary, but try to dress for your body type. Choose outfits that look good on you. It’s okay if you want to dress casual, I’m not saying you have to wear Armani suits. I’m merely saying that it’s best if you wear things that showcase your assets and hide your flaws.

Health. It’s true, this is one area that most people want to gloss over, but it’s important. Take care of your health. Those teeth and gums, brush them. That hair, style it. Your body, make it the best that it can be. Take an active role in your fitness and your health. You don’t need to be perfect or a Ryan Gosling, but you should be taking care of your body.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be someone that women find interesting and attractive. You’ll be someone that they want. It’s always easier to approach women when you know that they are more likely to be interested in dating you. Following this advice will help you land that coveted ideal.