Marriage Advice for Unhappy Couples

Marriage Advice for Unhappy Couples

If you are looking for marriage advice then you are probably dealing with some difficulties in your marriage right now. That’s fine.  You don’t have to be an unhappy couple for too much longer.  

Being unhappy in your relationship is never good, but it can be repaired if you decide that your relationship is worth saving.  Some couples stay together despite the fact they’re unhappy, a lot of times because they feel there is little they can do and they do not want to end their relationship and go on to someone else.  Unhappy couples are in that special relationship gray area, and with my help, you can get back up to speed in no time.

One of the big things that keeps people from being happy is placing completely unrealistic expectations on themselves and expecting a perfect world.  If you’re constantly thinking about why your relationship doesn’t “stack up,” then you could easily be missing out on all the great parts of your relationship that are staring you square in the face.  Let me share with you a little story:

I had two friends, both of whom I knew for a long time, and were in a long term relationship.  On the surface, everything was going perfect, but the boyfriend eventually hit a slump and told me that his girlfriend didn’t seem to have much interest in the relationship anymore.  He said she seemed distant, aloof, and preoccupied most of the time.  Since she and I were friends, I tried to diplomatically ask how her relationship was going.

It seemed she thought that they should’ve been further along as a couple.  She felt that she deserved to live in a bigger house.  She thought that he wasn’t as built as other men, and that they weren’t living in the city that she wanted.  I kept listening to her as honestly as I could, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that she thought her boyfriend was supposed to be a body builder, a corporate titan, and a sensitive artist, all rolled into one.  No one could be happy with unrealistic expectations of this magnitude!

What to do, then?  I talked with her, and really tried to dig into her psyche to see why she was projecting so much on her boyfriend.  After all, as far as boyfriends go, he wasn’t bad at all.  She revealed she was disappointed in the way her own life had turned out, and she thought that a boyfriend would bring her all the happiness in the world.  Life doesn’t work like that, and breaking out of that mold requires some growing up.  Do you think about  your relationships in an adult manner?

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