Marriage Affairs – How to Handle Them

Marriage Affairs – How to Handle Them

One thing about marriage affairs is that they unleash a massive amount of hurt.Marriage affairs - How to handle them

Affairs are one of the most difficult road blocks to negotiate in a marriage. Marriage affairs cause massive damage to all involved.

They can cause a massive amount of heart break, suffering, pain and even devastation. The pain of marriage affairs is the heartbreak.

It’s one of the most intense experiences you can ever have. Being the victim of marriage affairs can be destroying.

It can leave you rolling around on the floor in serious despair. That’s the problem with marriage affairs – the collateral damage.

So what do you do about it, if you’ve been the one who’s having affair or you’re the one who’s been the victim of your partner having an affair, what’s the strategy?

What can you do?

Well first of all relationships and marriages can survive affairs. Many marriage affairs are the start of positive change in relationships.

For partners who leave their marriage for an affair, those relationships have a 75% divorce rates.

So it’s not usually a successful idea to actually stay with the person you had an affair with because they tend to be fairly bad relationships that have a lot of the same problems of marriage but have an even high rate of failure.

So what you need to do if you’ve experienced an affairs, first of all seek help. Usually marriage affairs cannot be fixed without professional help.

This is a very complex problem, it’s involving a lot of trauma and difficulty, there are a lot of trust issues, there are a lot of problems that this creates and you need to really get as much help as possible. Many marriage affairs are caused by deep issues.

There’s just such a wide variety of things that can cause an affair and there’s just an important need to make sure that you do your best to minimize the damage from them because affairs can make people angry literally for decades after that divorce happens. Sometimes marriage affairs are signs of deep problems.

So it’s important to figure out why the affair occurred, get the feelings out on the table in an atmosphere of honesty. Move on from marriage affairs by dealing with it in the best possible way.

Now this sort of thing has happened, it can actually open up a lot more channels of honesty in your relationship but both of you can feel a lot more open and trusting as hard as that may seem to be.

The second thing is to identify any patterns.

Think about what patterns caused this to happen and think about changing them.

And number three, use this as an opportunity for positive growth.

Usually in the most difficult, traumatic and painful situations, life’s biggest problems and life’s biggest difficulties, comes its greatest lessons.

I know for me when I got cheated on once, that was one of the biggest growth experiences in my life but for that year when it provided me a lot of emotional turmoil, I thought it was the worst experience of my life but ultimately it led me to do all sorts of positive changes to my attitude and my mindset and it led to a whole new journey of discovery into the world of personal development.

That’s what caused me to start reading books to improve my life.

So do the same, use this as an opportunity for your relationship to enter a whole new face of growth and positivity.

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