Marriage Conferences – What’s so great about them?

Marriage Conferences – What’s so great about them?

One thing about marriage conferences is that not too many people know what they are.  They are quite effective at keeping a relationship healthy.

I know that new, avante garde couple’s therapy is all the rage nowadays, so I thought I’d wade into the debate.  Marriage conferences are the new way to put a spark back into your marriage, and they are billed as super serious, intense, low cost ways to deal with your marriage.  I love marriage conferences, but really, they’re basically group retreats.  So much for sticking a new name on an old practice.

Why are they simply group retreats?  Because what you do at a marriage conference is the same thing you do at a group retreat.  I know, I’ve been to both and I saw absolutely no effective difference.  How they’re marketed, though, is where the difference lies.  Marriage conferences are billed as being like a business, as if you’re networking with other couples.

What should I expect if I go on one?

There’s a huge increase in couples’ attending retreats, seminars, workshops, getting therapies, reading books, listening to audios and doing things as a couple and I think why this is occurring is because we live in the information age. I like marriage conferences because there is good information to learn that can help you.

Can a marriage conference help my struggling relationship?  

People are realizing that there’s information available in the modern day world to fix any problem, to solve any difficulty and I think people are also realizing that marriages require a constant investment and maintenance for them to be as healthy as possibly. Part of marriage conferences is teaching you those important skills.

Is it important that I go to one?

Couples are no longer leaving their relationship to the winds of fate.  They know that their relationships require constant tune ups and constant vigilance, so marriage conferences have become all the rage.  Plus, marriage conferences can be a lot of fun as they are usually on some tropical island or a mountain retreat where you can get away from the perils of modern life.

I think whole lots people are realizing marriage can take an effort, can take work, and it can take a process of growing and learning together.

This is why marriage conferences take place where a lot of couples can attend an event where there are different speakers and workshops. There’s different skills and strategies to learn.  You can start to look at your relationship as a project or a work in progress, and less as something that just happens and goes on its own.

For example I was looking at one marriage conference recently and they were teaching all the participants mindfulness.  Mindfulness is actually derived from Zen Buddhism and is a technique to clear the mind of unnecessary “noise.”

Mindfulness is a way of relaxing, meditating, living in the now, removing stress, removing anxiety and not putting so much pressure on yourself. What a great idea marriage conferences really are.

Mindfulness is about clearing your mind and enjoying life. If they teach that at marriage conferences – then make sure to go.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist teachings: it’s one of the nine pillars of behavior that is supposed to lead to enlightenment.  We won’t go too much into the Buddha, but mindfulness is an excellent way to tweak your behavior for optimal results.

And I can has it a guess that if every couple out there, every married couple wants to learn mindfulness and practice it together, there would be a lot less divorces and a lot less marriage problems and this is one thing I want to encourage you to do as a couple. Part of the appeal of marriage conferences is learning skills like this – so powerful.

If you’re thinking about how to strengthen your marriage and how to make it better and how to invest in it, make it grow, look for these things called practices. I really like marriage conferences because you can learn practices that will help your marriage.

Practices are something that you never really get good at like yoga, it’s something you practice and you constantly improve and when you’re in a marriage, you want to see if you can have practices that you do together.

It could be rock climbing, it could be meditation, it could be anything at all, it might be learning a language but it can be really beneficial for you both to engage in these practices together then you’ve got something to talk about, you’ve got something to share and it can be a really cool experience when the both of you are doing these sort of things together.

That’s why when I researched marriage conferences recently and I saw how they’re running mindfulness classes for couples, I thought it was just one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.

If you are thinking about checking out marriage conferences – then definitely do it. Going to marriage conferences will really help your relationship. It has to.

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