Marriage On The Rocks

Marriage On The Rocks

Marriage on the rocks?  Let’s talk about it!  You can breathe new life into your relationship for a better tomorrow!

If your marriage is on the rocks, there could be all sorts of problems on the horizon, so I’m glad you’ve found this site and are getting advice on what to do.  There’s nothing worse than leaving a problem to fester and rot, and no one wants to see their marriage destroyed.  I want you to have peace and happiness for the rest of your life.

What are the issues that negatively affect people’s marriages?

Mental health issues are a big one.  We all want to make sure we’re in tip top shape, but a lot of times modern life can pile on unnecessary stress onto us and it bleeds out into other areas of life.  There’s no reason that you should not think that you must be perfect at all times, but there are mental health issues that can put your marriage on the rocks.

Depression is an epidemic, it can affect everything around your confidence, to your energy levels, to your emotions, to the way you see the world and when you’re depressed reality shifted. A marriage on the rocks might be a sign this is a problem.

So part of this could all be in my mind?

There’s this thing people experience called cognitive distortions which mean when you see something often the depressed person gets an unrealistic image.  In a way reality is walked in their mind, and the truth is distorted, so often relationship problems are caused by one partner experiencing some trauma or maybe having some mental challenges and issues that aren’t resolve and aren’t fixed.

When you’re in a relationship a lot of your happiness and a lot of your own peace is tied to the quality of the relationship and that is often very closely related to your partner’s mental health. Dealing with marriage on the rocks you’ve got to be open to what might be the causes.

Then what should I do?

What’s really critical is that can you develop our communication strategy in your relationship, where you both feel very comfortable offering feedback, suggestions and being one team when it comes to getting health, support and dealing with problems. Having a marriage on the rocks is a must-fix scenario no matter what you need to do.

Do not become separated from your spouse emotionally, because this can be death in the long run.  Do not allow your problems to cloud your judgment.  Life goes on.  Each problem that presents itself will eventually be solved and go away.  Nothing lasts forever, which is why you needn’t despair over the problems you are currently having.

That’s usually what causes marriage breakdown and also it’s relationship problems is when both people are no longer on the same page, they’re not on the same path, and they’re not really aiming to work together on this together. A marriage on the rocks can be fixed you’ve just got to get both people in on it.

So if you feel like your relationship may be dealing with depression in you or your partners, it’s very important that you communicate about this, you talk about it and you work hard together to resolve it. A marriage on the rocks need to be highly analyzed for the problems.

Is there something more I should worry about?

Many relationship problems are just symptoms of some deeper issues, they’re just very superficial signs about things are wrong kind of a much deep level.

So what I encourage you to do is to really make a very strong consistent effort to make sure that you’re both very happy, healthy and your head is in the right place as well as that, that you’re both working as one team.

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