Marriage Retreats – Are they everything they promise to be?

Marriage Retreats – Are they everything they promise to be?

For couples who need a change, marriage retreats are an excellent idea.Marriage Retrets - Are they everything they promise to be?

If you feel like your relationship with your significant other is on the rocks, then a marriage retreat might be just the thing you need.  A marriage retreat is a form of counseling, where you can take a break from daily living and focus just on your relationship and the troubles that ail it.  Maybe you feel you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse, or perhaps you find that the same conflicts you had in a previous relationship plague you now, even when you had thought you found happiness?  Maybe you’re stuck in a sexual rut, or feel that somehow you and your partner have grown distant, and communication has become difficult, if not impossible.  A marriage retreat is a way to deal with those issues with a professional counselor, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Why do people go to marriage retreats?

There are a myriad of different marriage retreats you can try out, depending on the level of intimacy you would like and what type of problems you are experiencing in your marriage.  Some marriage retreats are intensive.  You and your spouse will meet one on one with trained marriage counselors and do exercises to work through your problems.

Do you deal with serious problems while at a marriage retreat?

If you feel you are carrying baggage from a previous relationship, or feel that there is some type of damage you need to have repaired, intensive, one-on-one marriage retreats offer the privacy and intensity you need to work through the most difficult of psychological issues.  For those with especially strained marriages, marriage boot camps are also an option.  Marriage boot camps are a special kind of marriage retreat, and are super intensive.  You’ll perform group activities and exercises designed to rebuild trust and promote intimacy.

You’ll talk about your innermost feelings and work through trauma and heartache that may be damaging your relationship, but which you have thus far found no way to deal with.  Most people who try marriage boot camps say they leave with a new perspective on their relationship and a renewed sense of confidence.  Do be warned though, that the point of many marriage retreats is about finding out what is best for both partners.  Many people leave the retreat feeling stronger in their marriage, but a few find that moving on is best for them.

Who are marriage retreats really for?

If you just feel your marriage could use a kick start, many marriage retreats offer more relaxed programs that are designed more as vacations with group therapy.  Most will whisk you away to a beautiful, scenic area such as a valley nestled within mountains or a seaside getaway.  You’ll find plenty of romantic spots where you and your spouse can be intimate and alone while you drink in the fantasy landscape around you.

These retreats focus more on group therapy sessions where you’ll meet other couples and listen to their problems and provide solutions.  This will help you meet other couples and expand your comfort zone, as well as participate in trust building exercises.  These types of retreats are much more relaxed and are good vacations for couples who feel they just need to breakup their routine and do something new.  These retreats make for good memories and are highly recommended if you want to spend your vacation time building your relationship.