My girlfriend cheated on me.

My girlfriend cheated on me.

You might be wondering the best course of action after you’ve been cheated on…

Here’s a question I got from one of my readers.  Read it through real quick and think about it: My girlfriend cheated on me and I’m not sure what to do. I love her and I thought that she was going to be the mother of my children… I mean, we really cared about each other. Or so I thought. I’m just worried that if I’m with her now then she may be unfaithful in the future. Should I stay with her? She says she’s sorry but she didn’t just kiss someone else, she slept with someone else!

Here was my reply to him:

No. I think you should get out of the relationship. That doesn’t mean you can’t forgive her, but you can’t give her another chance to break your heart.

What do you do if you think, “My girlfriend cheated on me!”  I know, the first think you might do is make excuses for her.  Maybe she was drunk, maybe it meant nothing? Is this what she has been telling you? The thing is, you haven’t made a commitment to this woman. She is still just your girlfriend. Therefore, you don’t need to think about the fact that you’ve been married X amount of years or you have children. It’s just about your current relationship together, nothing else.

Some relationships are more serious than others.  I don’t know how long you two were together exactly, or if you have any children.  That could definitely complicate things.  If not, you need to move on and find a new girlfriend.  It’s not that hard, and if you peruse this site, you’ll easily find one.  If things are serious, then you might have to figure a way to work it out with her.  You might have to be nosy so that she doesn’t cheat on you again.  Was it just a fling, or did she get back with an old boyfriend?  If so, you may just need to dump her, and if there are kids, you might have to work something out.

When your girlfriend cheats on you, it’s her breaking up the relationship, not you.  Do not blame yourself, and don’t overreact.  She clearly wasn’t the woman that was going to bear your children.  Or at least, she doesn’t feel the same way you do.  More than enough reason to move on.

Regardless of what you decide to do, remember that this shouldn’t be about her. She made the mistake. Make it about you. Listen to your needs and follow through with them.

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