My Girlfriend Flirts With Other Guys

My Girlfriend Flirts With Other Guys

My girlfriend and I are always fighting. Why? Because she won’t stop flirting with other guys! At first, I thought maybe I was over-reacting. Until the guys started flirting back and asking her out. Then I knew I was right all along. It was just too much!

I tried to talk with her about the issue. I was calm, not angry at all. I explained that I felt like she was pursuing other men when we went out due to her excessive flirting. Sadly, she didn’t care at all. Didn’t apologize. Didn’t even see it as a problem. Then the fighting began. Now we’re always fighting.

It wasn’t until last week that I realized we either needed to work things out or end our relationship. It’s too toxic to continue at this level with all of the fighting. It isn’t healthy for either of us.

We ended up trying to work through things together, but she still didn’t see the problem. When we asked friends to comment, they all agreed that she shouldn’t be flirting. It still didn’t solve anything. She didn’t see it. In the end, I had to break it off. The fact that she didn’t care enough to recognize my feelings or to dial back the flirting, made me realize that we were not a relationship meant to last. In lasting relationships, you need to trust one another and you need to care about one another deeply. You also need to have the same basic values. She felt that it was fine to be flirting with every guy she found attractive. I thought that should only happen when in non-committed relationships. We were committed. Not anymore. Now I’m off to find someone who shares my values and wants to be committed to me in the same way that I want to be committed to someone.

It comes down to your personality and your level of commitment. Find out what yours is before you decide to end your relationship. Just know that some relationship cannot be saved and shouldn’t be saved.