Online Dating – How to Choose Good Settings

Online Dating – How to Choose Good Settings

We get a lot of questions about online dating settings. What should my online dating settings be? How do I know if I’ve chosen good online dating settings?

Never fear. Ryan’s here.

If you’re looking at setting your online dating settings, you want to remember this simple tip: be flexible.  Different dating sites have many different settings that will change how you appear to a prospective mate.

Flexibility is key to the online dating world. Adjusting your settings can make all of the difference in your search results. It can let others find you and you find others. If you’re actually interested in meeting someone and this isn’t just a browsing game for you, then you need to have the most compatible settings.

I’m sure you’d like to meet someone who lives near by. Perhaps you’ve limited your distance settings to 30 miles or so. Errr, wrong. You shouldn’t be doing this. What if the man or woman of your dreams lives 40 miles or 50 miles away? Would you dismiss them merely because you might have to drive an extra 10, 20, 40 minutes to see them?

What about hair color, religion, or any of the other dozen or so different characteristics you’re asked?  What if you like black haired girls, but only for certain looks, and the love of your dreams actually has blonde hair?  How do you balance all of the different things you like in a person, with all of the caveats and “but thens” that are only natural when it comes to dating?

Or what if you’ve decided that you only want partners who are “Methodists.” Okay, I understand that your religion is important to you and you’d like a partner who also resides within your denomination. However, what if someone is Methodist but they didn’t see that option and they chose “spiritual” instead? Or “other”? You should include those settings in your search results and online dating settings so that you don’t miss out on someone who may have just labeled their religious denomination more generally.

Make sure that you try to get middle numbers or middle scores on issues that aren’t deal breakers to you. If you’d really like someone who doesn’t drink often, try using that option but maybe just excluding “drinks all the time” instead of excluding “drinks socially” or “drinks often.” The problem with these labels is that they are often taken as absolute but we all have different perceptions. It’s important that you not allow these perceptions to cloud your judgement of someone. Drinking socially could mean 1-4 times a week or 1-2 times a week, even 0-1 times a week. Don’t consider these setting as absolute and unchanging. Remember that everyone has different perspectives of these settings.

Also don’t feel you have to be absolutely honest in everything you put on your settings.  Some things should be a mystery to any prospective date.  Only pick “must haves,” or things that you really could never picture yourself living without.

Be flexible with your online dating settings and you’ll be much happier with your results!

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