Online Dating Profile Photo Tips for Women

Online Dating Profile Photo Tips for Women

online dating profile photo tips for women
A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

If you’re looking for online dating profile photo tips for women, look no further. These three tips can change the way online dating works for you. Sometimes women get little response from other men and they wonder why….here’s why.

It’s simple really.

#1. Your Profile Photos

You have to have them. Not just one, but several. Men are particularly interested in the physical attraction elements of a relationship. They won’t want to spend time communicating with you if you only have one photo up. They aren’t dumb. They are well aware that you could have thousands of hideous photos and decided to post this one attractive photo. Now, I’m not saying post unattractive photos. I’m just saying ┬ápost multiple good ones. This gives a man confidence that he might be attracted to you.

# 2. Profile Photos with Sports

Men love profile photos of women being active. If you play sports or enjoy running, walking, hiking, biking, etc. then get a photo or two up! Let them imagine playing sports with you. Remind them that you are healthy and attractive.

#3. Please SMILE

Don’t smirk or try to look sexy. Most likely, even if you do look good, men will see it as a negative thing. Save that for them.

Post a multitude of photos so that the men can start to get a feel for what YOU look like. It’s the same thing that we do when we add someone on Facebook. Oftentimes if we have not met them in person we take a gander at their profile. Check out their photos. This helps us get a feel for what they really look like and it makes the person feel more real.

These men who are looking at you are interested in meeting the real you. They want to know what they’ll be getting themselves into and the best way for them to know is to see photos of who you are. So share yourself!