Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding

When two people decide to join themselves together forever through marriage, they may worry about actually planning a wedding.   It can be a joyous labor of love, or a total nightmare.  You have to plan, plan, plan.

If you are planning a wedding, then you need to start putting it all together at least a year in advance.  This is really the minimum if you want to make sure your special occasion goes off without a hitch.  Some people even start planning their weddings two years in advance.  The reason for this is that you want to have your wedding when YOU want to have it.  You aren’t the only couple in the world that wants to have a spring or summer wedding!

First things first, get out those wedding invitations!  You want to pick a nice, memorable looking card, because all too often people misplace wedding invites even when they mean to go to the wedding.  That’s because the bride picked wedding invitation cards that were too bland and unappealing, meaning they get mixed up in old papers too easily.  Try brighter colors.

Pick out a great venue for your wedding.  If you come from a religious family, then a traditional church wedding is the way to go.  A lot of churches will require that you already be a member of the church or be related to a member to get married there.  Some churches will require marriage counseling before the marriage, or whatever other rituals there are for your respective religion.  Having a wedding in a church is classic, and will make for great wedding photos.  Other great venues include hotels and banquet halls.  Be especially sure to ask about occupancy, parking, as well as catering.

Catering!  How could I forget how important cater is to planning a wedding?  Who wants to go to a beautiful wedding with awful food?  I went to a wedding that was so-so as far as the beauty of the venue and how well it went, but the food was fantastic and everyone was in the mood to dance!  Be very picky with your catering company and be prepared to spend a couple weeks tasting their food beforehand. Any reputable caterer will have samples ready upon request.  Otherwise, how would you know what you’re getting?

Wedding photographers are equally as important, because they will enshrine the joy of your wedding to remind you for years to come how wonderful it was.  Professional photographers will be the first to give you examples of their work, but let me give you a word of advice: find a married couple to recommend a photographer for you.  I have always found word of mouth speaks louder than any advertisement in the yellow pages you could ever find.

Weddings require a mountain of patience and even more grit to properly plan.  Start as early as you can and start putting the blocks in place.  Your special day will be even that much more special.

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