Popular Dating Sites

Popular Dating Sites

Are you looking for popular dating sites? Look no further. I’ll walk you through the various dating sites available and give you their pros and cons.

First, decide if you’re willing to pay or not. If you aren’t willing to pay a monthly membership fee then many of these sites will be virtually worthless to you. Sites such as eHarmony and Match.com are not truly free sites. You may be able to create a profile but you will not be able to actually contact members.

If you need a completely free site then I would recommend that you visit www.okcupid.com or if you are Catholic, Catholicmatch.com. Both sites are free and offer a decent number of matches.

For those of you who have the option of a paid membership there are several sites worth looking into.  Remember, you can have a profile and start browsing without paying, but if you want to send messages and actually use the site for what it was meant to be used for, you’ll have to open your wallet.

Paid Popular Dating Sites:









These eight sites boast large memberships, great additional features and have multiple success stories. These sites also will not charge you after you cancel your membership. In other words, you won’t need to worry about the legitimacy of these sites.

The site I really recommend is Chemistry.com.  It’s really the crown jewel out of all of them, because it really delves into what makes you tick as a person.  I personally know three couples who got their start off of Chemistry.com, The site asks a host of questions that will help pair you with a person that complements you.  The trick is to find someone that makes you whole, not someone that you may actually feel a lot of friction with after a few dates.

Any of these popular dating sites can help you find that special someone. Just remember that it isn’t just about the site. It’s about you.

You have to present yourself as positively as possible while remaining honest. Don’t misrepresent yourself because your match may find the misrepresented version of you attractive and then run when they set eyes on the real you. Use real photos. Share honest interests and personal values. This is the best way to ensure dating success.

Ready? Visit one of the popular dating sites above and enjoy!

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