Does Relationship Fighting Cause Undue Stress?

Does Relationship Fighting Cause Undue Stress?

Is your relationship fighting causing you a lot of undue stress?

Your relationship fighting needs to be resolved ASAP. When couples are constantly arguing, the stress and the pressure within the relationship rises. You’ll eventually end up fighting about things you never fought about before.

You need to nip the problem in the bud.  You need to identify the problem and get straight to the root.

It’s normal for couples to fight, but it’s not normal for the fighting to cause stress in other areas of the relationship.

What is the source of all your conflict?  Are you fighting about small things as a result of stress elsewhere in your life?  Are you having trust issues?

What sort of things do you fight about?

Are they big issues, are they trivial, are they real problems or are they imaginary?

Is it your own insecurity, is it your partner having deeper issues?  You’ll have to do some investigation and be honest with yourself.  It’s easy to blame your partner.

once you know what is causing your relationship fighting, you can begin to fix it.

Sometimes fighting can be a sign of a healthy relationship. It is a way to express yourself and almost everyone fights. However, there is definitely a cut off point.  Excessive fighting, where both partners feel emotionally drained and angry does no one any good.

There are three things that will help you establish a healthier relationship with less conflict.

First, communicate. Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Be open and honest with one another.  Do not let anger fester or a conflict go unresolved for too long.  It might require some bravery, but if something bugs you, come out with it.

Don’t take everything so seriously!  One fight does not mean that your relationship is at an end.  It’s perfectly okay to crack a joke in the middle of a fight to defuse the situation.

Third, focus on building teamwork. Try to do something challenging or participate in a hobby together. You want to start to build a sense of teamwork between the two of you.   Part of the reason why people fight is that they have lost trust in each other.  Try going to a challenge course and do a trust fall to help rebuild that bond.

You do not necessarily have to join a reality TV show in order to rebuild your relationship with your partner, but it will require performing all three of these things, together.

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