Relationship Retreat – Is it worth the money?

Relationship Retreat – Is it worth the money?

When searching through various relationship retreat options, do you find yourself asking “Is it worth it?”

Relationship retreats are usually a good idea.  I’m not saying this because I am being paid by one to advertise.  No, in fact, I have actually been to one when my relationship was really on the rocks, and it set us on the right course.  If you know how to choose the right relationship retreat, then you can enjoy a wonderful relationship yourself.

All relationship retreats are not created equal.  You want to go on a retreat where you can truly cut off the rest of the world.  This is so important if we’re experiencing rockiness in our relationship.  Part of the allure of a relationship retreat is that it’s like being in another world.  It makes it easier to psychologically segregate the problems from our old lives so they don’t spill out into the retreat.  I find it harder to fix old behavior patterns if we’re still in our old environment.

Try and pick a retreat that’s in a scenic spot.  The one my girlfriend and I went to was in the Rockies where we were greeted with a spectacular view of the mountains every morning.  Some people might prefer a tropical island where they can swim with dolphins, or maybe a starlit forest is more to your taste?  Do not do relationship retreats in cities or in a spot that’s not peaceful and relaxing.

Most relationship retreats will offer some form of couples therapy, whether it be group therapy or one on one with a professional counselor.  One of the biggest red flags that you can look out for is if there is not professional counselor with a degree.  If you want help for your relationship and things are really looking bleak, do not bother with the place if you are not going to talk to a counselor with a degree from an accredited university.

What makes relationship retreats great is that you can meet other couples and get out of your little social bubble.  All too often I see couples who are doing well, but their social life collapses because they spend a little too much time with their significant other, and not enough time forging relationships with other people outside their marriage.  This is so important, because it keeps our main relationship healthier when we are more rounded as people.  Also, one good way to keep the stress off a relationship is having someone to talk about your problems with in an informal, non judgmental setting.

Simply put, they work. Rekindle your relationship at a relationship retreat. 

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