Relationships That Go Right

Relationships That Go Right

We spend so much time talking about relationships that have gone awry or ended badly. So I thought, why not talk about some relationships that go right? What is it about two people that make it work?

It works when two people are compatible and are attracted to one another. This is the first step. You need to be with someone who has a few of the same interests that you do. You need someone who has compatible morals and values. You need to be attracted at some level. Without these qualities, it’s nearly impossible to make a relationship work. It’s more than likely setting yourself up for failure.

It works when two people connect on a deeply emotional level. We hear so much about the power of communication in relationships. Why is that? It’s because communicating is a strong way to share your fears, sadness and worry with someone. It’s important to share these things with family members or friends. Everyone needs a support network. If you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to become an important part of your life, then you need to let them become someone who you share with. I wouldn’t trust your date right away, but at some point, you must. They must trust you as well. Developing emotional intimacy is a crucial part of relationships that go right.

Lastly, it works when two people understand the concept of space. If your whole life is wrapped up in your significant other’s arms, your chances of success are much lower. You’ll burn out. You both need to have some things that are individual things. Some friendships or social events that are separate. Avoid becoming overly dependent. Yes, you should depend on each other. However, those people who give up their outside activities and do not spend time away, will burn out. Imagine being stuck with someone, and only that someone, for hours and hours every week. Never seeing anyone else. Never getting out. It can exhaust people and that’s when they become lazy in their personal relationships. Recognize that you both have some interests that are not shared and allow one another to continue to passionately explore them separately.

In the end, it’s a mix of all of these things: being compatible, attracted to one another, care deeply for another, develop a strong emotional intimacy with one another, and individual space.