Relationships without Intimacy – How to Fix a Sexless Relationship

Relationships without Intimacy – How to Fix a Sexless Relationship

Being in a sexless relationship is painful, and oftentimes we do not know what we should do to fix it.  After all, relationships without intimacy are not really relationships at all.

The key to fixing a relationship without intimacy is to go straight to the heart of the problem.  You can fix your relationship if you are focused on eliminating the problem.

It might be a lack of attraction, it may be some sort of physical or hormonal issue with your partner, it could be some sort of psychological problem, it could be sexual inhibition, or it might be that the sex isn’t exciting enough for your partner.  There are a lot of reasons why people slip into a relationship with sex.

Fixing a sexless relationship may not be easy as asking your partner for more sex. I’m sure you’ve already tried that. This is why most fail at fixing a sexless relationship – they don’t find the root cause.  It’s because in many cases the problem is just too embarrassing or your partner doesn’t really understand it themselves!

So what I recommend is spending as much time and energy as you can to actually fix the root cause because what the root causes is going to really affect your strategy for having more sex in your relationship.

Always remember, a sexless relationship is not tenable for the long term.  You cannot have a healthy romantic relationship without sex and intimacy.  I don’t just mean intercourse itself, but cuddling, sharing each others most intimate secrets, and all of the physical closeness that goes with a relationship.  That’s what the relationship is for.

Imagine hitting a bulls-eye – that’s what you need to do. That is what permanently fixing a sexless relationship is all about.

Because different things fit different situations and you may think the problem is a certain thing but it may be something completely different. Fixing a sexless relationship could really be about something unique for your situation.

So if you can through therapy or through communicating with your partner, see if you can track down what is the root cause and work to address whatever the real reason for it happening is. Finding the source and fixing a sexless relationship is worth whatever investment and effort you need to put in.

Fixing a sexless relationship really isn’t going to happen on it’s own. Think of yourself as a detective on a crime show finding what happens through clues. That what fixing a sexless relationship is really like.

I found that often in sexless relationships with couples, the low-desire partner doesn’t necessarily not want to have sex, there may be just something that holds them back and maybe they even feel bad about that.

Maybe your partner would like to have a lot more sex but they are unsure what to do about it as well. Fixing a sexless relationship is often a team-sport.

So I highly recommend not just leaving this to chance, not just seeing what happens with time because this is one situations where time can actually make things worse but be proactive and do everything you can to see if you can get the sex back in your relationship.

A healthy, happy sex life is an integral part of a strong relationship; otherwise, you just become roommates and companions. Fixing a sexless relationship is certainly important for your mental health and happiness. It’s worth anything really.

So aim to figure out the root cause, get an idea of exactly what’s going on and then look to take steps to fix it.

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