Relationships without Intimacy – The hidden dangers of a sexless marriage

Relationships without Intimacy – The hidden dangers of a sexless marriage

There’s some serious dangers of being in a sexless marriage…

There are many dangers of being in a sexless relationship.  It’s not a benign thing that will just pass away with time.  The two greatest dangers of being stuck in a sexless relationship is that your partner may cheat on you, or that you may eventually become so emotionally frustrated your relationship will end in bitterness and pain.  I hate to be the one to tell you, but these are your only two options if you are stuck in a sexless marriage.  The status quo cannot be sustained.

The greatest problem you might face is infidelity.  The reason your partner may cheat on you is obvious: you’re not having sex.  If you are the one that is not having the sex you want to have, let me be the first to tell you that cheating is a horrible idea.  It’s really an awful idea.  Think about it.  How long will you be able to see your new boyfriend or girlfriend while keeping your marriage?  What happens if you fall in love?

Infidelity is unfair to your spouse and unfair to the person you’re going to. Think about it, if you were having regular sex in your marriage, would you cheat?  So then, are you just using this new person for the comfort of their body?  That’s demeaning.  Plus, it won’t last.  Then you’re back to your spouse who may or may not know of your infidelity, and then you divorce.  You’re left with nothing.

I know you probably think you can get away with it, and that it’s unfair for you to stay in a relationship that is torturing you from the inside, but if that’s the case, it is better to fix your relationship from the inside out or leave, rather than go through the tragedy of divorce due to infidelity.

What is the other danger of being in a sexless marriage?

Feeling trapped and depressed.  If you decide not to cheat, then you feel alone and your body is not getting the love and attention it needs.  This depression can spread like a virus to other areas of your life, and if it’s not taken care of, you’ll notice that even you too lose the drive for sex, and that in and of itself is one of the biggest hidden dangers.  Continue reading through this site, and I’ll help you through this difficult period in your life.

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