Return to You After a Bad Breakup

Return to You After a Bad Breakup

At some point in your life, if you haven’t been there already, someone is going to break your heart: a friend, a family member, a date. This article deals with that of the latter. When your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you…and you didn’t want to end things…what do you do? How do you make sense of what life has handed you and find solace once again?

You must return to you after a bad breakup. What does that mean? Return to you? When your feelings are overwhelming you, it’s time to find peace within yourself. You need to find strength within and look inside to find healing. It’s time to let go.

Think about what you like to do and try to participate in activities that help you find your true self. Make this about you. It’s okay. You’re on your own again. Single. Keep your friends and family close for support, but embark on your own solo journey.

Some Ideas: Mediation. Walks in Nature. Explore the Ocean. Explore the Woods. Explore the Mountains. Explore the farmlands. Yoga. Run. Biking. Art. Sports. Academia. Learn something new. Try something new. Go somewhere new.

Think of this as a way to go back to who you are. To find yourself again. No matter how long you’ve been a couple, you’ve been thinking in “we” instead of “I.” Give yourself a chance to go back to the “I” and work out who and where you want to be in your life.