Romantic First Date Ideas

Romantic First Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie?  Lame!  Here are some exciting first date ideas!

If you want your first date to rival the one in that classic black and white romance movie, these ideas will do the trick. Though some romantic first date ideas may be too cheesy or too intense for your taste, there are others that are the perfect medium. Go out for a night on the town, stargaze, watch the sunrise or sunset together, or even plan a romantic, candlelit dinner at a nice restaurant. Any of these ideas will be sure to have that special guy or girl feeling fireworks.

First off, try something new!  Everyone does dinner and a movie.  That’s boring.  Why not go to an art festival or a museum that shows off the wall art?  You need a good conversation piece on the first date and you want to show off your creativity, so try to find something that will show just how unique of an individual you are.  Remember, women do NOT want boring men.  They want to feel like they’re alive.

Planning a night on the town is incredibly romantic, especially if you go dancing. The lights of the city – when mixed with cocktails and beautiful music – can be quite intoxicating. There is no better setting for your passionate, romantic date. So hold that lucky guy or girl close while dancing; go ahead and let the sparks fly between you.

Stargazing is an excellent idea for a romantic date. How many romance movies or novels feature a scene in which the couple of interest goes stargazing together? The answer: a lot. The night sky is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature, and the quiet environment will give you and that special someone a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level.

What about rock climbing?  If you and your date are adventurous and you like to go rock climbing?  What about surfing or white water rafting? These are all great ways to have an adventurous first date and get the blood pumping.  Remember, competition and getting your heart racing are great ways to find yourself between the sheets later.

The sunrise and sunset are also two very beautiful natural occurrences. Like stargazing, watching the sunrise or sunset together is also a preference of couples in romance books and movies. Why shouldn’t it be? Not only are they both simply breathtaking, but they symbolize the beginning or end of a day. Share that moment with someone special.

Perhaps the most popular idea for a romantic date is a candlelit dinner. The hushed dimness lit by fiery candles is the epitome of passionate environments – so feel free to converse in low, sexy whispers.

With these romantic first date ideas, sparks will be flying between you and that special someone in no time.

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