Save Your Marriage – Tips for Saving an Estranged Marriage

Save Your Marriage – Tips for Saving an Estranged Marriage

If you want to succeed in saving an estranged marriage, then you need to find the core of the problem.

An estranged marriage is usually because of special circumstances.  There are many reasons to be married, but to live completely apart from one another.  This is often due to one spouse having a mental illness or a terminal disease, or the relationship devolving to a point where neither partner really wants to take part in the other’s life, but they don’t feel like going through a divorce.  This is relationship limbo.

If your partner is sick or mentally ill, then life can be very difficult for you.  Watching your spouse in the hospital or mental illness ward is tough.  It is important you do not abandon them though.  We’ve all seen the tabloids with the husband who leaves his wife in a coma, or the man who drops his wife off at an asylum and is never seen again.  On the other hand though, if your wife is never going to get better or if you’re wife will never leave the asylum, what will you do with your future?

In some cases, it is alright to step away.  You can still maintain your legal rights regarding your spouse if they are terminally ill so you can make decisions about their medical care.  However, in some cases, you may not be legally able to divorce them, and might feel bad about seeking out new people.  You can be happy either way, just be sure you know what your’e doing.  There have been cases of people waking up from comas and their spouses having moved on.

If you are simply separated from your spouse, then you might need to read some of my articles on how to get your ex back.  That is, if you want to rekindle the old flame of your relationship.  If not, then you might want to simply break it off.  Leaving a relationship in limbo just heightens the emotional pain of any eventually break off.  Better to pull the band-aid off now.

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