Sending a message – Before or after he messages me?

Sending a message – Before or after he messages me?

Should I message a guy before he messages me? Many women wonder whether or not they should initiate contact in online dating situations. We all know that it can be considered forward or forceful in real life, but online do the same rules apply?

No. They definitely do not. Approach that man you think is so sexy with his lopsided grin and hazel eyes. Don’t let him slip away. He may be too nervous to message you or he may not have run across your profile. By not messaging him you may be letting an important opportunity go. The opportunity to get to know him better and perhaps find the love of your life.

You see, the internet works on different dating rules.  The fact that you are not face to face makes all of the difference.  It’s like a marketplace or speed dating.  Normally, the woman is not going to be the aggressive one, but the online dating ring is different.  Men actually really enjoy it when women pick them out of the thousands of different profiles.  Think of it as a big compliment.

When we think about potential partners, we often think that the man will find us. And yet it’s important to recognize that in the online world there are so many options. Scrolling through the search results, he may overlook you even if you’re exactly the kind of girl he’s looking for.

Just because he doesn’t find you or hasn’t messaged you for whatever reason, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested. Show initiative and message him first. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If he doesn’t respond then it’s his loss. Move on to other guys. That’s the beauty of online dating. You can message multiple people and get to know someone before meeting in person. You are not making a commitment just by sending a nudge, a wink, a smile or a short, brief message.

Once you do get his attention, you want to have him chase you a bit.  It’s always nice to be noticed, but making a man work for it is always going to raise his passion level for you.  Remember, online dating has to be exciting.  It’s nice because you can control the flow, so be sure to use that fact to your advantage.

Open up the possibilities by feeling free to message any guy that you find interesting, attractive and compatible. If you aren’t sure, take a chance and message them. You’ll feel better if you haven’t any regrets and you never know who will turn out to be the best man of them all.

Should I message a guy before he messages me? If you’re interested, go for it.

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