Sending roses to a girl?

Sending roses to a girl?

A single rose is a beautiful reminder of your love and affection for your girlfriend/wife.

Have you thought about buying roses for your date? Most men have. It’s difficult to know when it is the appropriate time to give roses. Sometimes roses for your date can symbolize that you are serious about the relationship or they may label you as a romantic.  Other times, it can make it look like things are more serious than they actually are.

Valentine’s Day.

I don’t care what your girlfriend says, even on a first date, you should get a rose. If it’s the lover’s holiday then you need to get roses for your date. Even wives should get roses on Valentine’s Day. If your wife or your date has asked you for something else instead of roses that will evetually die and be thrown away, that’s okay. Get them something else but still get them one rose.

Giving roses is a tradition that stretches back to the Middle Ages.  Red was a sign of life and fertility.  Roses were also really expensive to raise, so only nobility could afford them.  Roses show up in a lot of romantic novels, including vampire novels because roses are often the color of blood.  The rose signifies so much in our modern culture.

However, it’s important to understand that there has to be more than just roses for your date. Any time that you surprise your girlfirend or your wife with a rose, it shouldn’t be as a make-up gesture. It should be purely because you love her and want to show her.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your girl and you’ve left her alone then roses will not help. A rose is only meaningful if the relationship is meaningful. To solve this conundrum, make sure that your relationship is meaningful and then enhance it with a rose!

Listening to your girl and acting as an equal in your relationship will go a long way. If you have a loving and kind relationship, then roses will symbolize your love in a moving way. Take the time to build a wonderful relationship with your significant other and then add romance.  Use roses creatively.  Try leaving a trail of rose petals to the bedroom.  Their scent is an aphrodisiac.

Another fun way to share roses is through unexpected moments. After your girlfriend has had a stressful day and comes over to hang out, you surprise her with a single rose. It’s a kind gesture that shows thought and planning. Whatever you do, just remember that it won’t mean anything if you just hand your girl a rose. You need to have an intimate connection with her before a rose will mean anything.

Let your rose not only be a symbol for love but be a symbol of the love within your relationship.

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