Sexless boyfriend?

Sexless boyfriend?

If you are unlucky to be dating a sexless boyfriend this is what you should do…Sexless boyfriend?

A sexless relationship is where one partner does not have a lot of sex drive, and rarely if ever has sex or intimate relations.  Sexless relationships are common in some marriages, where up to 15% of the population may be affected.  It can occur to both genders.  But, what do you do when your boyfriend doesn’t want to make love as often as you’d like?

This can be tricky because you are not in a committed relationship like marriage, so you might even start thinking about leaving him.  Don’t be hasty, and really think about what is best for you.  If your boyfriend only rarely wants to have sex or doesn’t want to make love at all, it makes you feel like you yourself are not attractive.  This isn’t necessarily true, and you shouldn’t let your sexless boyfriend affect your self-esteem.  There are other reasons.

Why does my boyfriend not want me?

He might be nervous about making love with you because of performance issues.  Some men might suffer from impotence or find that making love is difficult due to some medical condition.  This can be a delicate subject, as being virile is very ingrained into a man’s self-esteem.  It might be good to open the subject up with him about taking medication that will fix his ability to make love.

Is your sex life boring?

One of the reasons why you may have a sexless boyfriend is that your sex life is stuck in a rut.  A lot of the passion and spontaneity that you enjoyed when you first started off your relationship may have slipped away as you and your boyfriend started to get into a pattern.  There is an easy way to break this.  You can start roleplaying or wearing costumes to spice up the bedroom.  It may sound silly, but you may find that your partner might respond, and your sex life suddenly is on fire!

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