Demystifying Sexless Couples

Demystifying Sexless Couples

Sexless Couples
Are we a sexless couple?

Sexless couples are becoming increasingly common in today’s society. Unfortunately, many couples are not aware that they are in a sexless relationship. They may know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is. Demystifying sexless relationships will help you to better understand if you are in one and what to do next if you are.

One of the reasons for this “stuck” position is the misunderstanding of what it actually means to be a “sexless couple.” It doesn’t mean that you aren’t having sex. It means that you aren’t having sex regularly and one or both partners are not getting their sexual needs met. Your sex may lack passion or meaning. Maybe you want it, but he’s keeping you at a distance. Or he needs more and you’re bored with it.

Another myth is that all relationships and all marriages end up becoming sexless. This simply isn’t true. Many older couples have healthy sex lives and not all sexless couples are old. In fact statistically, the people who are having the most sex are married. The fact is that sexless couples within a marriage are the exception.

It isn’t “marriage” itself that has created your non-existent sex life. It is you. And your partner. Together you can change your current sex life. 

And the last myth about sexless couples and sexless relationships is the idea that you must be falling out of love with another. Many people assume that if they were in a sexless relationship, they wouldn’t care about each other. It’s important to remember that just because your partner is not giving you sex and may not be open to sexual intimacy does not mean that they don’t like you or care about you.

It may mean that something is going on beneath the surface. There may be some sort of issue or problem that is now manifesting itself outwardly in the form of a diminished sex drive. This is why it’s important to figure out what’s going on in your relationship. The solution for a sexless relationship isn’t one size fits all.

You need to work together as a team. Make sure your partner is committed to investing fully in this relationship. Make sure that your partner is ready to take action. If one partner is reading books, articles and going to therapy, but the other partner is standing idly by, nothing will change. This isn’t about one person. It’s about both of you. You both need to take action. TOGETHER.

Some people like to give up when they realize where their relationship is at, but this doesn’t have to be the signal for parting ways. It only needs to be the beginning – the start – of a new chapter in your relationship. Conquering your sexless relationship together will only bring you closer together and strengthen the connection that you’ve created.

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