Sexless Marriage Advice

Sexless Marriage Advice

There’s so much out there as far as sexless marriage advice.  Let me share with you what I think could help you through this painful period of your life.

The pain of a sexless marriage is all too real to the person who is not getting the physical intimacy they need.  It feels like the relationship died.  There used to be passion, and there used to be togetherness. Now it feels like you’re all alone.

Often, their desire for sex is even magnified when they’re frustrated. Part of the pain of a sexless marriage is that intense frustration.  It’s constant, like a drum beat.

It’s very, very difficult when you’re married, and you’ve got someone right there and you can’t get laid. The pain of a sexless marriage comes from the fact that the problem is  practically in your face.

You get angry all the time, it will make you feel awful about yourself and even when you do have sex it will be probably be so filled with resentment it won’t be satisfying. The pain of a sexless marriage is the lack of intimacy. It’s a basic human need.

As for the other partner, they’re going to feel pressured, they’re going to feel like they’re not fully a person.  If it’s the man with the low sexual desire partner maybe he’s going to feel de-masculinized or is going to feel weak.

It’s important for the sake of your marriage and for your happiness that you look to fix this situation. Most of the pain of a sexless marriage is when you don’t know what to do and what you try doesn’t work.

Here are three tips to give you a start on getting to the bottom of this problem. Mostly the pain of a sexless marriage goes away when you know how to fix it.

The first step is to get your hands on every piece of information on this topic as you can. Relieve the pain of a sexless marriage by reading anything you can on the topic.  Knowledge is power in this case.

I mean turn the world over looking for every piece of literature, information and every resource on the topic of sexless marriages. The suffering and pain of a sexless marriage can be cured by wisdom.  Now is the time to educate yourself.  You must be on a mission to do so.

The second thing, it’s important to stay with your partner and almost treat this like a science experiment. The pain of a sexless marriage will go away.

You have to keep from getting emotionally involved with the process, not to take things personal and get insulted. You want to treat this like a a science experiment.  You’ve got to try some different things and you’re going to see the effect on your sex life and your marriage.

The third piece of sexless marriage advice, if you’re the partner with the low desire, you need to look into whether or not your low desire is being caused by some past trauma.  You may have been abused at an earlier date and have thus far not wanted to do with it.

It’s painful to deal with the past.  Some people fear real physical intimacy because they were raped or because they had awful, painful relationships.  If that’s the case, it’s time to see a psychiatrist.  You cannot afford to wait one more day.

In order to feel good about yourself, you’ve got to put a bit more in your emotional bank account and a bit more in your feel-good bank account.

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