Sexless Marriage Depression?

Sexless Marriage Depression?

Sexless marriage depression is a wide spread issue that affects millions.  You are not alone, but you do need to start proactively deal with your problem.

If you are suffering from sexless marriage depression, then I feel your pain.  I know of many couples who seem happy on the outside, but behind closed doors, one of the partners is deep in the pangs of depression.  It’s hard to see, but it’s there.  When you’re in a sexless marriage, it’s like being in prison.  If you are the partner that wants to have more sex, then your partner feels distant, almost abusive.  If you are the one that is avoiding sex, then you feel like you’re betraying your partner, but cannot get over your feelings.

Depression is repressed anger.  It’s how we feel when we cannot let our more aggressive feelings out.  Of course you don’t want to start a blow out with your partner over the fact you’re not having as much sex as you would life.  Blaming your partner and pointing the finger is a sure fire way to make the situation a lot worse than it is.  The problem is, you still feel the way you do, and unless you rekindle your sex life, you’ll grow to become distrustful, and the relationship will end.

It’s time to rip off the band aid.  You will have to have a sit down talk with your significant other and deal with the problem head on.  It’s important not to get too emotional.  Find a quiet moment and just bring up the subject as lightly as you can. NEVER point fingers or make your partner feel responsible for everything that is happening in the relationship, or you’ll be starting an argument rather than a discussion.

I can’t promise sex will return to your relationship right away.  I usually find that it  takes months to rekindle passion and restart a relationship that has been starved of intimacy.  This is just the way it is.  You have to remember, a lot of the reasons why people stop having sex is because of trauma experienced in previous relationships that surfaces once intimacy starts to become a major player in the relationship.

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