Sexless marriage – Some alternatives?

Sexless marriage – Some alternatives?

There are some sexless marriage alternatives that don’t involve cheating.

First of all, you’ve probably heard of all of the terrible sexless marriage alternatives.  I won’t waste your time with those, because they don’t work and often just make things worse.  This is to find sex outside your marriage, maybe to cheat, have an affair or have some sort of infidelity. Cheating will make things worse.  It’s just not an alternative.

The other alternatives are to go without sex and just recognize that you will always be sexually frustrated. Those sexless marriage alternatives are not really viable options.  I’ve never heard of a man that could stand going without sex and stay sane.

The best sexless marriage alternatives are positive, not negative.

Those alternatives are weak, they show a lack of self-worth on your part and they’re definitely not on the road to happiness. Don’t consider those negative sexless marriage alternatives.

The real alternatives to deal with a sexless marriage are to fix the problems that are causing it or to leave. It really boils down to those two choices.  You have no other ways out.  The best sexless marriage alternatives are about creating an amazing sex life for both of you. It’s about rekindling what you once had.

You’ve got to be a little bit more proactive, show more initiative and be more aggressive when dealing with this situation. The sexless marriage alternatives you’ll learn here work but you have to implement them. 

In my opinion, a sexless marriage is close to a form of abuse. One partner is being very inconsiderate, mean and cruel to the other partner. They may not be as interested in sex but if they’re unwilling to make the effort to increase their interest in sex, then essentially, they’re torturing the other person.

So the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your partner is fully invested in this.

They need to understand how important this is for you and they need to be willing to take whatever steps necessary to rectify the situation. Some sexless marriage alternatives may require hard work from both of you.

If they’re unwilling to do that, well you need to hit them with an ultimatum and you need to show them that you’re serious. That you need them to support you and you will support them, otherwise you need to leave and being your life over with someone else.

SIt down, talk openly and come up with the causes of your sexless marriage. Then create solutions and implement them.  I have plenty of articles on this site that can help you get started.

So quit the excuses and take action immediately!

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