Sexless Marriage Therapy

Sexless Marriage Therapy

Getting sexless marriage therapy could really make a difference in your relationship.

Being in a sexless marriage is emotional poverty.  I have talked to so many people, both men and women, who feel like their marriage went from being a wonderful delight to a sexual prison with their partner as the guard.  A sexless marriage is truly unsustainable and has to be dealt with post haste.  Sexless marriage  therapy is really the way to do it.

You’ll have to put away your reservations about going to a therapist, because sexless marriages are not like the normal bumps in the road with normal relationships.  Some people think that their marriage has failed if they have to seek professional help, but I always remind people that if you truly value your marriage, then you’ll do what it takes to save it.

Many times we are stuck in a sexless relationship because our partner had experienced some trauma early in life, and have carried that baggage into your current relationship.  Rape, incest, abuse, all of these things can be hidden away by your partner because they are too embarrassed to share.  This can be difficult to pull out without a professional to help.

Finding a reputable therapist that can deliver results is not simple.  So many psychologists offer help with sexless marriages, but then come up short.  You need to scrutinize any possible therapist and check their credentials.  Most reputable therapists will have their credentials visible in their office or on their website.  If they are not forthcoming with their educational background, or their philosophy of therapy, then you can just skip them and move on.

After finding a reputable therapist, you need to mentally prepare yourself for what will most likely be a highly emotional journey.  If you’re in a sexless marriage, that means that your relationship has disintegrated and you may not be ready for the roller coast of emotions that awaits.  You’ll be spending a lot of time rebuilding lost trust and exploring your past and your partner’s past.  This can be draining.

Set aside some time from work or other distractions when undergoing sexless marriage therapy.  You do not want your professional life to be negatively affected, and you also just want to give yourself a break.  You are not a machine, no person is, and repairing your relationship will be emotionally draining for you.  Prepare yourself and know yourself; it’s the best advice anyone can ever give.

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