Sexless Marriage. What do I do?

Sexless Marriage. What do I do?

When people write to me about a sexless loveless marriage, they usually feel hurt and confused. Many are hopeless. They don’t believe that they can change their situation. Thankfully, you can. You just have to be willing to try.

Don’t despair!  There is a way out, and I’ve helped couples rekindle the passion in their marriage and look at life with brand new eyes.

With a sexless loveless marriage, you may need to do things that you wouldn’t have ever considered before.

First off, you need to evaluate why it is you are not having sex.  Is your sex drive low, or is it your partner’s?  This is a key question.  Do you feel like your spouse is holding sex over you?  Do you start having the wandering eye and feel bad about it?  Here are some things to think about when solving the problem of a sexless, loveless marriage.

Evaluate Your Schedule.

So many times it is the schedule of your lives that it causing the problems. Work, school, children’s activities, it’s all too much. All of these obligations can keep married partners so busy that they are either too tired or too stressed to find time for sex.

Consider finding a new hobby that the two of you can do together or revisit an old hobby. one couple that i know decided to take up rock-climbing. It was physical and adventurous, and they would go rock climbing in romantic locales.  Doing something physical also builds attraction.

With rock climbing, you must work as a team. One person stands below while the other one climbs up, and then you switch. Maybe the rock wall could represent the sexless loveless marriage. You can accomplish something together as a couple.

So many times couples are unwilling to give this situation the time it deserves. It takes time, that’s just being realistic.  You must be realistic.

Couple’s activities are good, and so is cuddling time!  You have to remember how to be physically intimate with one another.  Spend some time cuddling and talking with one another.  Trust is easy to lose, but hard to rebuild.

So remember: Be supportive of your spouse, and take all the time you need to rebuild your relationship.  Work out your schedule, and try to rebuild the physical intimacy you’ve lost.

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