Sexless Marriage – What to do if you’re stuck in one.

Sexless Marriage – What to do if you’re stuck in one.

Finding yourself stuck in a sexless marriage means it’s time to find an escape…Sexless marriage - What to do if you're stuck in one

I think what surprised me when I started researching sexless relationships and sexless marriages was finding out that so many others suffer from this problem.

Being stuck in a sexless marriage is surprisingly common.

There’s one group I found online, where over 22,000 people are members. They all claim to be in a sexless marriage and mention that it’s probably the most painful and most difficult thing in their life.

It’s unbelievable how big an issue it is and this is only really scratching the surface. There are all these people stuck in a sexless marriage without a real solution.

For the vast majority of people stuck in a sexless marriage, both partners feel the pain and the hurt. It isn’t just one. Both people are affected.

It goes both ways.

One partner suffers because they feel rejected, unattractive, and worthless, and the other partner suffers because they don’t feel understood, they feel pressured and are not sure what to do with themselves.

I may say that the most common strategy used in a sexless marriage is what’s called The Talk; this is where you discuss how you feel with your partner.

I would also say it’s one of the worst strategies in terms of results.

The most important thing to realize is that it’s not necessarily your partners fault. You need to shock yourself out of being stuck in a sexless marriage. Big change is needed.

You may think they’re doing it to spite you or to get at you. Most of the time, this isn’t true. Your partner isn’t deliberately withholding sex. Instead, they are becoming uninterested in sex or perhaps feel that your sexual encounters do not satisfy their needs. Changing the way you think about your partner is the first change that you need to make in order to keep from being stuck in a sexless relationship.

It isn’t your partner’s fault. Usually, it’s something that they are not aware of, that they’re struggling to control. The reality of being stuck in a sexless marriage is that your partner might not be able to just fix their sexual desire.

So to begin with, take their side in this difficulty and give them a lot of understanding. Help take the pressure off of them, because as you explore different options, you’ll begin to move forward from having a sexless marriage to passionate sex and delicate intimacy.

If you want to make a true change then your partner is going to have to be open. They won’t be able to talk about their feelings or reveal their thoughts if the atmosphere is one of high-pressure and interrogative tendencies.

Instead, make the atmosphere a mutual, friendly, supportive and encouraging one. To get out of being suck in a sexless marriage, both of you need to want to fix it.

Often they have a problem that they don’t even know about. Or perhaps they do but they don’t know what to do about it. Don’t stay stuck in a sexless marriage because you make your partner feel embarrassed.

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