Sexless Relationship?

Sexless Relationship?

Living a sexless existence is not healthy.  It can wear on you after awhile.  Sexless relationships don’t have the spark of healthy ones, so here’s some tips on what you can do to put the spark back into your existence.  Sexless Relationship ?

The death of sex in a relationship is catastrophic, but it’s happening to millions of Americans nation wide.  6 out of 10 Americans surveyed said they were not having as much sex as they would like, and the number rises to almost 7 out of 10 married Americans!  It’s practically an epidemic, and it’s really putting a huge strain on so many marriages.  How do you bring back the spark into a sexless relationship?

First thing’s first, improve your sex appeal.  You cannot be a dud.  You’ve got to wow your partner and really up your game when it comes to sexual appeal.  This means getting out of the house and going to the gym, and possibly looking at what’s going on with your wardrobe.  You’re not going to make your partner want you with a big belly or flabby arms?  When I wanted to bring the spark back in my relationship, I went straight to the gym.

Now for the mental game.  You have to seduce your partner.  You see, love making is supposed to be a chase.  It’s not just in the act itself, it’s also about building sexual tension between you and your partner, so that you practically rip each other’s clothes off when it comes time to make love.  You can do this by changing the way you handle your relationship.  You have to learn some seduction technqiues.

The first thing you do is to not be too easy.  Never be desperate, and always exude confidence.  This works for men and women.  Men and women show themselves to be confident differently though.  Men must be slightly cocky and a bit arrogant, and women need to look seductive, as if they know all of the secrets of the Kama Sutra.

The next big step to building sexual tensions is to tease your partner.   You have to play hard to get.  You entice them, then you step back.  For men, it might mean teasing the woman a bit and make her feel self conscious, then backing off.  Always act as if you have your life together, as if you’re always on to the next big thing.  It will make her feel like she wants to be a part of your world.

That’s really what attraction is all about.  It’s about making the other person want to be a part of your world.  If you’re irresistible, confident, and look the part, you’ll find that sex naturally fits back into your relationship.  This may take months of effort, but when you hit the sheets, it’ll all be worth it.

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