Sexless Relationship – Searching for Signs?

Sexless Relationship – Searching for Signs?

You shouldn’t be searching for sexless relationship signs right now…

If you’re reading this page, then you might be in fear of being in a sexless relationship or having your relationship devolve into one.  This is a valid fear.  A sexless relationship can ruin your life and make you feel trapped.  If you are the one that does not want to have sex, then it might be a sign of much deeper problems that you’ll have to deal with before you can move on with your relationship.  If you are searching for signs of a sexless relationship, here are a few to look at.

Do you avoid having sex?  Do you know when your partner gets in the mood, or what signs your partner gives that they want to make love?  Do you try and disappear when this happens?  I knew of one couple where the woman didn’t want to make love.  She’d be “busy” on date nights or always use excuses, like a lot of paperwork or visiting an in-law to try and get out of sex with her boyfriend.  Their relationship ended before too long.

How often do you and your partner make love?  It’s normal for couples in love to spend a good deal of time flirting or making love.  If you are only making love once a month, then that’s a huge red flag that you’re in a sexless relationship and you need to do something at once to break the pattern.

Another big sign of being in a sexless relationship is the feeling that your relationship with your partner is mechanical.  You get up, you pay the bills, you go to work, you take the kids to school, but there’s no spark or romance in your life.  You feel more and more distant from your partner because you don’t spend any time discussing intimate subjects.

If you’re still searching for signs of a sexless relationship, then these are sure fire examples of what goes on in a sexless relationship.  Now that you know, there’s a lot of things you can do to get ahead of the problem.  I have written plenty of extensive articles on how to repair a marriage and build it from the bottom up.

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