Sexless Relationship – What should I do?

Sexless Relationship – What should I do?

It’s a nightmare of an experience: being trapped in a sexless relationship.   You feel like you’re on a journey all alone.

Sexless relationships are painful and it always saddens me to hear from people who feel trapped in them.  Usually, they are sexless marriages where there is plenty to keep the couple together, but without the physical intimacy, the relationship is not enjoyable and feels hollowed out.  It feels like other couples are enjoying their marriages, and you’re not.

If you’re in a sexless relationship, and you’re saying to yourself, “What do I do?” here’s some advice.

First, if you are the one that wants to make love, but your partner doesn’t, do not blame yourself.  It’s not you.  You are just as attractive and wonderful as you were when you and your partner were making love.  In most sexless relationships, the partner that does not want to make love is usually the one that has had some horrible past where they were traumatized.

This is why it is so important not to blame yourself, because it mostly likely has nothing to do with you!  Realizing this keeps the strife out of sexless relationships.  Molestation, rape, or other types of horrible past trauma are often the cause of the fear of intimacy in sexless relationships.

But I feel so lonely…

How could you not?  Your partner doesn’t want to be intimate with you.  It’s a big rejection.  You will have to accept that from here on out, you’ll have to rebuild the connection you two once shared bit by bit.  If you truly love the person and are willing to make this commitment, then that speaks volumes 

I’m not trying to belittle your feelings.  You will have to learn to bring up this painful subject with your significant other.  You will most likely be the one that will have to make suggestions as to what to do, such as couples therapy or initiating physical intimacy.  If you love your partner, you will find this process to actually make your relationship stronger.

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