Sexless Relationships -The Scariest Signs of a Marriage without Intimacy

Sexless Relationships -The Scariest Signs of a Marriage without Intimacy

Look out for these sexless marriage signs to warn you if you are in a sexless marriage.

What are the scariest signs of a marriage without intimacy?  There are plenty.  I’ve seen some horrible marriages go under like the Titanic because they lacked the essential ingredient for all functioning marriages: intimacy.  It’s like relationship oxygen, no couple survives without it.  If you see these signs, then you know you are in a marriage without intimacy, and you will need to act fast.

One of the biggest signs is that your partner has all sorts of excuses when it comes time to have sex.  They will talk about how busy they are at work, how tired they are, or simply throw up their hands and say that they’re just not in the mood.  They won’t respond to any of your advances, and during sex they may seem distant and not entirely there.  It’s like making love to a mannequin.

This is a huge warning sign.  Sex is something that both people in a healthy couple should crave.  It’s the glue of your relationship.  If your partner seems distant and far away, this could be one of the scariest signs of a marriage without intimacy.  There are more though.

What about when your partner spends a lot of their time alone and doesn’t talk or communicate with you for extended periods of time.  This can get very creepy very fast.  They do it because they are mostly ignoring you.  I knew of one couple stuck in a sexless marriage where the wife was addicted to computer games.  She played World of Warcraft for hours on end and used that time to stay away from her husband.  It was sad.

If you see any of these scary signs of being in a sexless relationship, you need to get on top of the problem.  It will not resolve itself magically: you must actively work to change it.

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