Sexless Relationships

Sexless Relationships

Feeling stuck in a sexless relationship for men is one of the worst feelings imaginable.  For a woman, a sexless relationship is a sign of something much deeper.

Whether you are a man or woman, a sexless relationship is something that cannot go on forever.  For men, not having sex for months at a time is equivalent  to torture.  For women, a sexless relationship feels like being in a closed space without warmth or light.  Sexless relationships are more prevalent than you might think.  Over 1 in 6 couples surveyed said that they were having sex only once a month, if that, which is the very definition of a sexless relationship.

What is a sexless relationship?  A sexless relationship is where the couple doesn’t have sex for months at a time.  It is healthy to have sex weekly, if not daily.  A relationship begins to wither on the vine when there is little to no physical intimacy.  A relationship like that cannot survive.  I have seen a lot of couples struggle with sexless relationships, and the ones that try to ignore the problem or just erroneously think that sex will magically return to the equation find themselves in divorce court.

A sexless relationship can have many causes.  Sometimes it’s the stress of work.  You have deadlines and bosses breathing down your neck, and you feel completely exhausted when you come home.  The last thing on your mind is sex.  The problem is that if this becomes a habit then your partner will begin to think you want nothing to do with them.  They’ll think you don’t desire them any more, and would prefer dozing off to sleep then spending time with them.

This starts a vicious cycle.  You get stressed and don’t desire sex, and then your partner becomes distant.  Then as they become more distant, when you do want to make love, they feel betrayed and want little to do with you.  This is really awful and I’ve seen it happen to couples who don’t know how to break out of the cycle.  My advice: reinvent your life.

If your job is causing your marriage to collapse, think about a new job.  Think about new ways of making money or taking a vacation.  Taking a hit in salary is worth a good relationship.  Learn to live with a little less.  You’ll find that in turn, your relationship will start to heal.  It will take time and may only happen bit by bit at first, but you cannot fix a problem if you do not invest time in fixing it.

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