Should You Kiss on First Date?

Should You Kiss on First Date?

Perhaps one of the most highly debated questions in the world of dating is, “Should you kiss on first date?” The honest answer: it depends on the situation and your own personal preferences. Neither kissing nor choosing not to kiss is wrong as long as you are happy with your decision, so assess the situation and decide what option is right for you.

The decision of whether or not to kiss on a first date depends entirely on the circumstances. In order to determine whether or not you are ready for the big smooch, ask yourself a few important questions. How long have I known this person? Do I feel comfortable around them? Am I confident that there is chemistry between us? Will a kiss potential ruin the relationship or make it awkward between us?

If you have known this person long enough, are comfortable around them, have confidence that there is chemistry, and do not think a kiss will hurt the relationship…then go for it! In this case, a first date kiss is perfectly acceptable and has the potential to really enhance your first date.

However, if you have not known the person very long, do not feel 100 percent comfortable around them, are unsure of how they feel about you, or believe the a kiss might make things awkward…then do not go for it. Kissing on the first date is not a good idea in this case, so save it for a later time – one in which you are both ready.

Should you kiss on the first date? As long as you are ready for it, do not hold back! However, if you want to wait, that is perfectly acceptable too. No matter what you choose, as long as you are happy, then you made the right decision!