Signs First Date Went Well

Signs First Date Went Well

So you have finally made it through that first date, but how do you know if it was a success? Well, there are a number of certain ways you can determine this. Signs first date went well include body language, the ease of conversation, how close you were, and if they decided to text or talk to you after. If these are present, it is likely that your first date was a success.

One of the greatest key signs that a first date went well is body language. Did the person you asked out make eye contact with you the entire time? Did they smile frequently? Did they lean in toward you while you were talking? If the answer to these questions is yes, it is certain that special someone is interested in you and enjoyed being on a date with you.

Another sign is the ease of conversation. Did you find it easy to get to know this person? Did you enjoy talking to them and being in their company? Did they seem interested in what you had to say? If you felt comfortable talking to them, it is almost certain that there is chemistry between you. Good conversations are a major sign that the first date is going well.

Was there hand-holding on your date? Or perhaps even a goodnight kiss? If either of these were present on the first date, it is likely that you had a great time together. If you had a great time together, it is given that your first date went well.

In the days following the date, did that special someone text or call you? Did you text or call them? If either of you made an effort to continue the conversation after the first date, it is certain that the date was a major success!