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You need to know how to stop divorce, and you need to know it now!  I can understand what it’s like being in full panic mode, and here are some tips you can use RIGHT NOW to stop divorce.

When a marriage is on the brink of divorce, we feel like we’re in a house of cards that’s collapsing all around us without any help in sight.  It’s all too easy to go straight into panic mode when you think your spouse is about to leave you a Dear John letter.  Don’t sit there and do nothing!  Your partner needs to know that you value the marriage to the point that you’d do anything to save it.  This is so important right now, that I want you to reread the last statement until it gets into  your soul.

Take a break from work, the kids, in laws, and everything else that you feel is an encumbrance on your marriage, and whisk yourself and your spouse away.  So often I see couples on the brink of divorce because of financial problems, family problems, illness, and other outside influences.  You cannot expect to repair and heal your relationship in a state of panic.  You might not have much money, but try to remove yourself from your old environment to see your relationship with fresh eyes.

Once you do, it’s time to take a deep breath.  You’ve done a lot to help yourself already.  Most people don’t make it this far.  What you need to do now is to be brutally honest with yourself and air out all of your grievances with your wife.  Whether it’s finances, or adultery, or any problem that you have in your relationship, you need to air your dirty laundry.  Silence is a relationship killer.  You’re essentially saying you don’t trust your partner with your thoughts or emotions.  That’s no way to stop divorce.

If you do have the money, I heartily recommend going on a marriage retreat.  Whisk yourself away to the mountains of Wyoming or touch dolphins in California.  You have to do whatever it takes at this point.  These retreats are great because you can sit down with a licensed therapist who can help you with your problems in a relaxed, stress free setting.  Do not wait to get this done, because the longer you procrastinate, the more likely you will not be able to stop your divorce.

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What are the most powerful ways to stop a divorce from happening?

So, you need some emergency assistance with your marriage.  You want to prevent the worst from happening. Don’t worry, there are very few marriages that have never hit hard patches.  Many couples come out of adversity all the better for it.  The main thing to do right now is to remain calm, and start developing a plan.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’ve coached many couples that were on the brink of painful divorce.  It’s really no fun when your marriage is falling apart and you think that your life is coming to an end.  The first piece of advice I always give is simple, but so many people don’t do it and it ruins their chances at putting the pieces of their relationship back together.

You must gain control of your emotions

Emotional flareups or prolonged depression is not going to stop divorce, a clear level head will.  This is one of my biggest pieces of advice for couples.  A lot of relationships that could have been saved end when one member loses control.   Other  times, neither party ends up doing anything because one partner is just too depressed or loses all will to move forward.  Emotional control is one of the mainstays of life, and if you want to stop a divorce, you have to rein yourself in.

If you are having a lot of heated arguments with your spouse, you may want to take a timeout from one another for a while.  Use the time for self reflection.  Why are you getting so angry?  What is the true core of the problem?  Is it really about the topic of the fight, or are you angry at a lot of other things and you just explode because you don’t know where else to put your anger?  Without sufficient self control, it’s impossible to answer this question, and it lies at the heart of stopping a divorce.

Know when you need professional help

A lot of people bring past baggage with them into the relationship.  This happens, no one knows everything about their partner down to the minutest detail before they got married.  However, some problems cannot be done away with meditation or simply  trying to work them out directly; you may need a psychiatrist.  It doesn’t mean you are crazy and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it means you’re human.  It means that you have to do what it takes to stop a divorce.

If you think sitting down on the psychiatrist chair might be too much for you, consider going on vacation to a couple’s retreat.  There are actually some that are designed for marriages that are on the rocks and need special help.  They usually are in some scenic spot that will help you relax and focus on the matter at hand.

Don’t worry about the future.  You can pinpoint the problems in your marriage and learn to solve them.

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