Taking a Break When You’ve Been Dumped

Taking a Break When You’ve Been Dumped

It’s important to take a break sometimes.  If you’ve been dumped, then you need time to re-order your state of mind.  

When you’ve been dumped, it can be difficult to acknowledge what has happened. It can also be difficult to accept it. You may feel the need to hold on as tightly as you can and reel him or her back in. This isn’t healthy, although it is understandable, and you need to find a way to let him or her go so that you can find someone who will does fit into your life.

Isn’t taking a break the same as giving up on my love life?

Every love life has ups and downs.  Some people marry their first love, and some people have to date for several years before finding someone they are in fact comfortable with.  It’s part of being human and part of the game of dating.  Enjoy it! If you’ve been dumped, taking a break is the best thing you can do.

Taking a break when you’ve been dumped is the best way to do this. I know it can be hard. We’ve all wanted to maintain relationships when it just wasn’t possible. You may be able to be friends, it’s true. This doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye forever. It does mean that you need to say goodbye temporarily. You need to give yourself distance for a period of time. Figure that you’ll need to be apart, with zero communication, for half of the length you were dating. For example, if you dated for a year, then you’ll want to block off all communication for sixth months.

I still feel so awful from the breakup.  How do I cut off the old part of my life?

Hide him or her from your Facebook newsfeed. Change his or her name in your phone so that you won’t run across it until you’re able to communicate again. Take down photos and put them away in a safe place. It’s important to make sure that you give yourself plenty of space and time to process things. It’s also important to make sure that you are communicating with others and letting go of your past relationship.

Though you may be tempted to get yourself through this rough patch by communicating with your ex, it’s best to find new people to fill that void in your life. This won’t happen if you keep communication with your ex during this crucial healing period. So take a break and let go. Then, when you’re ready, you can welcome your ex back into your life as a friend or you can choose to let them fade away. The choice is yours.

A smart way to overcome a break-up is to think about exactly what went wrong. Then you can choose to let your ex become a friend, try again romantically, or simply end it for good. Watch my FREE video presentation to see how make the best decision…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…