Text Message After First Date

Text Message After First Date

Should you text your date right after you’ve left, or should you wait?  Should you do it at all?

Now that we’re in the cyber era of dating, there are all sorts of new situations we encounter with respect to the role of technology and dating.  Computers and cell phones have made dating more exciting.  Yet, at the same time, we do not want to overstep our boundaries just because we can.  Let’s talk texting.

Did you receive a text message from that certain someone following the first date? Did you send them a message after first date? If so, you are in a great position! If you and that special person want to continue talking after the first date, texting is a wonderful way to stay in contact. Additionally, it allows you to get to know them better and hopefully set up a second date.

I got a text from my date!  What does it mean?

If you receive a text message following your first date, it is likely that the person you went out with is interested in you. This is a good sign and lets you know that they had a good time on the date! If they didn’t, they would not keep in contact with you.

If they texted you and you happen to like them back, then make sure you respond to their message! Keeping the conversation flowing is essential, especially if you would like to set up future dates with this person.

Who should text back?  I don’t want to come off as needy or desperate.

But what if you want to text them first? A good idea is to come up with something clever to say – something that they will not hesitate to respond to. The goal is to keep them talking, so make sure you choose something interesting to talk about or ask them more questions about themself.

Also, if you decide to text them, it is a good idea to let them know that you had a good time. Though you may be afraid that they do not feel the same way, taking a risk can sometimes pay off. If they had a good time too, then go ahead and make plans to hang out again!

Whether you either sent or received a text message after first date, you know that there is chemistry between you if you keep the conversation alive through texting. Not only does it allow you to get to know more about that certain someone, but it will also allow you to set up a second date if you wish!