The Best Marriage Proposal Lines

The Best Marriage Proposal Lines

We’ve all read the stories or seen the videos of those crazy, extravagant, creative marriage proposals. Some of us want them, some of us think it’s ridiculous, and it makes some of us nervous. For those who get the honor of creating the marriage proposal, the pressure can be overwhelming. One of the subjects of worry is the actual lines within the marriage proposal. Thankfully for you, I’m going to share with you the best marriage proposal lines and how to craft a marriage proposal that will be both special and romantic for your future wife.

At first, it may appear that you have to pull out “all the stops.” You’ve got to write a poem, a song, hire a band to play music, teach her family or friends a dance number, or send a blimp through the sky. Relax. You don’t need to any of this. What every woman wants in a marriage proposal is truth and love. The best way to show these qualities is by sharing your thoughts and feelings about a life together.

When you begin to craft your marriage proposal lines and look at your marriage proposal word ideas, think in simple terms. The best place to start is by looking at your memories with your partner. What special moments stick out to you? When did you know you really liked her and why? When did you know you loved her and why? When did you know that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her and why? What are her most physically attractive traits to you and why? What are your favorite internal qualities about her? Once you have compiled a list, create your lines from this list. Your partner wants to know why you feel the way you do. She wants you to be honest, truthful, open, and caring. Romance is really all about a connection found in love. That love is strongest is when it is actively expressed. You will already be expressing your love for her just by asking her to marry you. However, you can go further. By adding lines before asking those famous lines (Will you marry me?), you can be sure to share your heart with your beloved.

I know it’s nerve-wracking to ask the woman you love to marry you. It was for me when I asked my wife to marry me. Her fondest recollection of our marriage proposal involves the moment before I asked that famous question. I told her the things I loved most about her. I told her the way she makes me feel. I told her why I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I shared some of my favorite memories we had created together. This is what makes a proposal romantic.

Lastly, remember to be you. Your wife fell in love with you for a reason – she loves things about you. She’ll love the lines you speak if you speak them the way that you usually would. Don’t go looking for quotes, books, poems, and songs to speak for you. If you want to recite a line from “your song” together, then do. If you are a naturally artistic person and you want to share a creative work, go for it. If you aren’t though, don’t worry about finding something. Take the time to share how you feel and express your desires. This is what is considered truly romantic and what will make the moment truly memorable to both of you for years to come.