The Kiss: First Date Edition

The Kiss: First Date Edition

Relax…and make the first kiss an enjoyable and memorable experience…

The idea of kissing a new person for the first time can be slightly unnerving, especially if you want to leave an impression on them. However, by following these tips, you can make that first date kiss one worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Make sure your lips are properly moisturized. The night before your big date, slather them in products designed to make them soft and supple. If you don’t have any of these products, petroleum jelly or coconut oil can work just as well, so look around your home and see what you can come up with. This step is essential if your lips are in bad condition. Nobody wants to kiss someone with dry, cracked lips – it feels like sandpaper!

Sneak some breath mints, breath spray or minty-flavored gum in your pocket or purse before departing on the date. If you order the spaghetti and garlic bread or tuna casserole at the restaurant, your kiss might be a disaster. Do you really want that special guy or girl remembering your kiss as garlic or tuna-flavored? After you eat, make sure you pop in a couple mints. Offering some to your date would be a kind gesture as well. For that kiss to be a success, both of you need to have fresh breath.

When the big moment comes, lean in halfway and let your date fill the gap. Nothing is more embarrassing than planting one on your date, only to realize that they do not want to kiss you back. To save this mortification, don’t go the full distance. If your date likes you, they will have no problem meeting you halfway. Remember to keep the kiss short and sweet. You want to leave some mystery behind and make your date desire more.

The Kiss: First Date Edition – if followed properly – will help to make that kiss an unforgettable success.

And once you become a pro at the first date kiss, things will almost certainly progress into a relationship. After awhile though, things change. Know how to always have the excitement like it was your first date kiss? Watch my FREE video presentation NOW to find out…CLICK HERE to check out the video while you still can…