The Ladder Theory for Couple’s Therapy

The Ladder Theory for Couple’s Therapy

Have you ever heard of the ladder theory for Couple’s Therapy?  It’s really great and it’s very easy to learn if you’re willing to put in the time.

Ladder theory is probably not the most reliable thing to base a relationship around. Often couples therapy ladder theory is used to explain why you are having problems in your relationship.  The ladder theory is based on “moving up the ladder,” meaning that when you solve one problem you immediately move up the ladder to the next.

Big problems require big solutions, but instead of spending all your energy trying  to solve a big problem all at once, you do it in steps, climbing the ladder with your spouse or significant other until the problem is solved.

The first rung of the ladder theory is cooperation.  Do you and your partner cooperate?  What big challenges have you faced together?  What problems have you overcome?  This will help you examine whether or not you’re working as a team with your spouse.  Relationship building start with cooperation.

The next rung up the ladder is called conflict.  What do you do when you and your partner have conflicts?  Do you have big blowouts that last for days with lots of angry make up sex or do you let the anger simmer?  There is no couple in the entire world that does not have problems and that does not have conflict.  What you do when conflict strikes is what’s important.

The next rung is your future.  Where do you see your relationship heading?  Will there be wedding bells in the future?  Do you see yourselves growing old together, or do you want to keep your relationship at the “just fun” level?  It doesn’t matter what specifically you want to do, it matters that you understand where you’re at and where you’re heading.

The ladder theory of couple’s therapy is a systematic way to get people to look at  their relationships in an objective manner so they smooth out problems before they ever start.  A licensed professional will take you through the entire ladder process, so sign up today with a therapist and go through the process yourself!

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