Tips for a happy relationship.

Tips for a happy relationship.

Couples can encounter all sorts of problems in their relationship.  Here are some tips for a happy relationship.

When you’re having problems in your relationship, you start to consider whether being in your current relationship is actually what you want. Being in couples can be socially accepted, but often we can get into relationships for the wrong reasons.

So I want to give you three guiding points to help you figure out exactly where your relationship is at and some clarity on how to be in a happy relationship.  Sometimes when you’re experiencing problems in your relationship, you have doubts.

It’s alright to feel torn.  No relationship is perfect.  There are some things you probably adore about your probably, and others that probably drive you up the wall.  This is perfectly natural and there is no such thing as two people that get along like out of a storybook.

Here are some tips for a happy relationship.  Hopefully you’ll see yourself in some of this advice and take it to heart.

Start a diary or a journal and write in it at least twice a week.  That might sound romantic to some and cumbersome to others, but being aware of your feelings is the first step to a happy relationship.  It keeps you clear about where your emotions are at.  You’ll find thinking more about your feelings keeps you from bottling up what you feel and exploding later.

Your level of happiness is the pulse of where your relationship is at. Couples can often underestimate the level as to which your relationship can affect your happiness.

The second thing to analyze is how honest you can be with your partner.  How open are you?  Do you feel you can say anything?

Couples that are strong tend to be honest.

A sign of a really strong relationship is when you can communicate clearly, be honest, and say how you feel. Couples that communicate well tend to work better than those that don’t.

A lot of relationship problems are really caused by lack of transparency and openness.  Don’t keep things locked inside.  Your partner isn’t a mind reader.  They don’t know that what they do is bothering you if you don’t be assertive and clear.

So sometimes it’s time to sit down, talk ,and let honesty come out. Couples need to have these periods where they sit down together and talk about the big stuff.

The third tip is to look at the reasons why you’re in the relationship.

Sometimes we can be motivated by guilt, insecurity and a lot of other negative emotions, or even jealousy. If that’s the case, why would you stay with that partner? Couples that work tend to have a high desire to make it work.

Sometimes we don’t even really want to be in that relationship with them, we’re just being ruled by some very powerful negative emotions. Couples that survive through tough periods are grounded by having the right reasons to be together.

On the other hand, you might have some very strong legitimate reasons to be with your partner, maybe you feel he/she is your soul mate, maybe you feel like they’re the one for you.  You really can see your future with them.

So write down all the reasons you want to be with your partner and make sure that your motivation is coming from the right place, because if you are being motivated by negative emotions you need to move on.

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