Tips for surviving marriage and separation.

Tips for surviving marriage and separation.

One of the most important principles if you’re dealing with a marriage separation is to refocus on yourself.  Somewhere along the way, you lost your center and now it’s time to focus on what brings you joy.  

I think one of the big issues is people expect to get too much form their marriages in terms of their own personal happiness. With a marriage separation you are badly affected most of the time.  This is understandable.  No one is happy about big life changes.  However, remember, don’t get swept up in them.

They have a lot of sources in the rest of their life for personal happiness for fulfillment, for meaning, for pleasure and enjoyment. I’d like to help you prevent marriage separation by needing your marriage less.  This is why you have to refocus on yourself.  Write down things that make you happy.  Write down things that bring you joy, and make you unique.

I mean it!  Get out a pad and paper right now and jot down everything. I want you to tell yourself why you are great.  What makes you special?  What makes you unique?  What is it you are looking for?  This allows you to focus on yourself and not on negativity.

The problem is when needed to it’s when it’s your marriage is your only source of all this positive promotions, and if you’re marriage tends to suffer or something is going wrong then you don’t really have a plan B. A lack of Plan B usually precedes a marriage separation.

Do you have a Plan B?

That plan B I speak of are areas outside your relationship and outside you partner that you can get positive emotions, you can get happiness fulfillment, joy excitement, adventure, freedom all that cool stuff.

And second thing is your B plan needs to have is hobbies to actually keep you busy and to offer an outlet and an escape away to get stuff out of this system, maybe it means release tension. Think about a marriage separation as a sign that you need to release tension.

You’ve got have a bit of a plan B and the other benefit for having a really strong plan B in your life is that you’re more unlikely to walk out your relationship. I believe that you can avoid a marriage separation by bringing in loads of positive energy into your relationship from the rest of your life.

Sometimes the less you need all these things from your relationship the more you’re going to get from your relationship, sometimes it can work a little bit in reversing that aspect. Part of a marriage separation is the constant pain.

And the other you want to have with your plan B is a social structure where this involves going out and making new friends or having certain hobbies that are social. Avoid marriage separation by doing this alone or together.

Sometimes when people get married they don’t think about a plan B, they don’t prepare if things could go bad or things could go wrong so if they do get wrong then they screwed because they don’t really have anything to fall back on.

Be sure you have a Plan B to fall back on!

Even if your marriage survives and you stopped your divorce it’s good to have it there as a way of getting more enjoyment into your life and as a bit of safety net if things do go wrong, so your entire life and yourself doesn’t fall apart.

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