Tips for Surviving Marriage

Tips for Surviving Marriage

Marriage is a fantastic journey, a nourishing spiritual experience that you are now on.  It has its ups and it has its downs.  Here are some tips for surviving your marriage you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

One of the things that’s going to help you the most to deal with problems during marriage is improving your communication skills.

Probably one of the things that cause the most difficulties and conflicts is simply communication, not being a great communicator or be able to express self the way you want, being an excellent listener or generally just having high enough social skills to be able to make the most of communication.

Want a great marriage? Invest everything you can in your communication skills.  If you cannot communicate well, then your marriage is on the rocks from the start.

This really is what empowers you to deal with difficulties, goes through tough times and to move forward and I’m going to give you a couple of tips for improving your communication skills. Your marriage depends on the best communication skills imaginable.

The first one is to take note if you’ve got any sort of shyness or social anxiety, anything that inhibits you or anything that prevents you from talking the way you want, acting the way you want, being who you want to be. You might think now you are in a marriage you can stop working on yourself. Wrong. That’s the way to divorceville.

Look to remove those using anxiety reduction techniques of which these are many around and this will help you to express yourself the way you want with no inhibition. Get rid of anxiety and have a happier marriage.

Honest communication and positive assertiveness are key ingredients to a great marriage!

You not being honest about how you feel or you want or being scared to offend and assertiveness is standing up for yourself and being very clear with what you want, who you are, not being a walked over and also not using aggressive or manipulative techniques to get your way.

Assertiveness is to try being real, honesty is about being extremely honest and the third thing you can do that will dramatically boost your communication skills is to recon, understanding women better.

So just improving your study of women’s psychology, what makes women different, what makes them tick and understanding how there’s so many differences between men and women with their psychology, with their priorities and values. The better grasp you have of these, that better you can do.

Study everything you can on understanding exactly what is important to women and how you can tick those boxes of having an amazing marriage. The quality of your marriage depends on many things. And lots of things happen that are outside of your control.

What makes an excellent marriage?

What makes an excellent marriage though, is how you deal with difficulties. Marriage-strength isn’t about a perfect world it’s about having systems to work through challenges successfully.

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