Tips on Getting Your Ex Back

Tips on Getting Your Ex Back

Think about making up with your ex and what that would really mean for you…

It seems almost impossible to get an ex back . After all, you broke up for a reason and it’s hard to forget all of the negative feelings and hurt that led to the break up.  Never fear though, if you really want your ex back, then there are plenty of things you can do to get back on track.

The better the quality of your life, the less a break up is going to affect you.  In turn, that means the less what your ex does or doesn’t do is going to bother you. Being obsessed about making up with your ex is usually a sign that your life isn’t going so well right now.  You might need to think about something else.

But on the same token if your life isn’t going somewhere right now, if you’re financially stressed, if you’re overweight, if things aren’t falling into place for you, you going to care a hell lot more about your exes, break ups are going to affect you hell lot more.

So in my experience, caring a lot about, or trying to get an ex back has more to do with getting your life back on track than anything else. You might be only focused on making up with your ex but perhaps your life needs some serious attention as well.

It’s probably expected that you’re falling off the wagon a little bit with taking action on your dreams and your goals.

So how can you get your life back on track?  How do you turn a new page?

You must be focused, start to get more results, and start taking more actions because if you want to make up with your ex, what you’re going to do is become more attractive, you got to be sexier, and you’ve got to be a lot more desirable, you’ve got to be through the roof attractive.

Making up with your ex often has to do with you and your life, not just what you do with her. Part of making up with your ex is demonstrating that you are really going somewhere and things are good. You won’t stand much of a chance of making up with your ex if your life totally sucks let’s be honest.

And generally it’s the people who have that life totally on track have a clear direction are ambitious, are heading towards that are making things happen that are going to be more attractive.

So the number one thing you can do is focus on a 30-day goal.  Set up a plan for yourself!

Think about an area of your life you want to improve and think about a 30-day goal that would make a huge difference to your goals, so a 30-day goal that could change things completely for you.

They might give you a bit of a breakthrough, maybe it’s exercising, the next 30-days you decide to exercise once a day or perhaps it’s just social confidence and you decide talk to two new people a day for 30 days but I want to encourage you to have a 30-day focus, something you can focus on, push yourself, and offers you a whole range of benefits in growing yourself in becoming more attractive.

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