Tips to Help You Turn Your Husband On

Tips to Help You Turn Your Husband On

If you want to turn your husband on, then you need to know in advance what he likes…

Sometimes when we’re married we get stuck in a rut.  It’s natural.  You’ve been with your husband for awhile, and maybe you just don’t have as much time or desire for sex as you did when you were dating.  Don’t worry!  You can put the spark back in your love life once you read these tips to help you turn your husband on.

You probably know what your husband does and does not like in bed by now.  This is part of the reason why you feel in a rut, because you just don’t know how to spice things up and vary up your love life.  That’s fine, it happens.  There’s no need to get on yourself about it.  What you need to do is understand male psychology with respect to sex.  You see, sex is a primal urge, so you’re going to have to get acquainted with the animal side of your husband.

Humans evolved in the plains of Africa.  Men are hunter gatherers.  They seek out prey in the forest, hunt it down, and then bring it back home to the village.  Your husband wants to hunt.  He is aggressive and emotional, but he has learned to control his emotions as he’s become older.  However, as a woman, you can help him let lose his aggression and his need to hunt in the bedroom, and really enhance your sexual experience.

Make him hunt you down.  Don’t make sex mechanical.  Learn to play hard to get and make him work for it.  One thing you could do is wait until you know he’ll be off for the evening.  Set a romantic mood with candles and incense.  Remember, you want to simulate the hunt.  Now, leave rose petals and have him follow you all the way back to the bedroom, where you’ll be waiting in your new sexy outfit.

Lingerie is key.  Men love it because it lets them know that you are in the mood to make love and that you know how to lock into his instincts.  Remember, once a man loses himself to his sex drive, the entire experience will be heightened.  Pick out an outfit that is revealing, but not TOO revealing.  Find something with lots of lace and really shows off the best part of your body.

Don’t jump right to sex.  Be sure to take time to rub his body and build up the sexual tension.  You see, you want him so riled up that he practically rips your clothes off.  You can do this by simply cuddling and holding him until the very last second where he just can’t take it anymore.

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